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This is my main domain. Here are a load of links to my other ones!

www.negativeiq.net Negative IQ Funny  
pictures.negativeiq.net Negative IQ Funny picture archive. Odd  
www.butteredcat.co.uk The theory of buttered cats Scientific 
www.antsinspace.co.uk Ants in space Floaty 
www.notatmydesk.com Email collection via the web Useful 
www.belchamber.co.uk My main website - photos, links and other stuff. Me 
gallery.belchamber.co.uk My photo website Us. 
www.negativenetworks.co.uk Networking things and useful downloads Serious :-) 
www.radiopig.co.uk Not much, the odd Counter Strike:Source file Gaming 
tools.maindomain.co.uk Resources Useful